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Standard Piano Bench Cover
Standard Piano Bench Cover
Piano Bench Cover

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Great Standard Piano Bench Covers in all fabric choices and sizes!
Fabric Choices: Mackintosh , Vinyl or Quilted – Which one is best for me? (Click on the fabrics words to see a swatch).

Our vinyl covers are made with a soft underlining that resembles a flannel/fleece jacket or shirt. The colors are black and brown and they provide a supple leather-like appearance. The vinyl covers are my personal favorite because they wipe clean very easily when they get wet, they are very lightweight which allows our customers to easily remove and place back on the piano and they are easily cleaned by using either a damp cloth or by vacuuming. If your piano is in a highly visible place, vinyl tends to be the best fabric for your piano cover.

The Mackintosh covers are also available in brown or black. The look of the fabric is smooth and warm. Many people do not know what a Mackintosh fabric is prior to visiting this web site – it is a tightly woven material, sometimes called a waterproof drill cloth. Mackintosh cloth was invented by Charles Mackintosh of Manchester, England, as a way to have dry clothing touching a person’s skin while the outer layer of cloth fought the weather and kept moisture out. He even went so far as to put a layer of rubber between the two layers of clothing. We do not use rubber in the manufacture of our covers (like the vinyl covers mentioned above, that would hold too much heat next to the piano and cause it to go out of tune quickly) but they are water-resistant. Since the fabric is thicker than vinyl, it does offer more protection from bumps than our vinyl covers. We recommend Mackintosh fabric for higher traffic locations such as churches, schools and hotels where the risk of wear is greater than in a home.

Mackintosh fabric is a little more difficult to clean than vinyl, requiring a vacuum to clean and remove dust from the fabric. The cloth will also absorb spills and should be blotted quickly after a spill occurs. To clear the dust from the cover, many people simply take it outside and beat it with a broomstick a couple of times per year.

The reason Mackintosh fabric is such a great seller is the pleasing look it has to offer to any room. The look is softer than vinyl and less commercial than our quilted covers.

The quilted cover is available only in the color black. It has a lovely 4 inch square pattern to it and looks very professional. We recommend quilted covers for any environment where the weight of the cover is a consideration. The quilted fabric is the lightest and the easiest to remove, making it a favorite among our more mature customers and a best seller for nursing homes and many church groups.

Color Choice: Brown or Black?

The vinyl and Mackintosh covers are available in either brown or black. If your piano is ebony colored, then you should get a black cover unless the décor of your room specifically calls for a brown cover to complement the surrounding space. All other colors of piano should get a brown cover. The vinyl colored brown is a shade darker than the Mackintosh brown - both are beautiful sitting atop your piano.

Can’t Decide Between Fabrics?

If you see benefits to each fabric type of cover and can’t decide what is best for your situation you are welcome to all us directly at 866-439-4296 so that we can discuss your specifics. We are also happy to send you swatches of the fabric you are considering via regular mail. Click on Request a Piano Cover Swatch to let us know what you would like to have sent to you. If you are still undecided, I typically will recommend a vinyl cover if all things are equal because of the ease of care they offer along with a high level of protection. I personally like the soft leather-like appearance of the vinyl and the more water-resistant nature of the vinyl cover.

Special Requests? No problem.

We accommodate lots of special requests for our customers. Whether it is a simple request to put a slit in the cover so that you can see your humidifier light tucked under the piano or a more complicated request such as the cover we completed that allowed a special light to be placed under the piano to still be seen when the cover was on, we can help. Call us with any requests at 866-439-4296.

Need Waterproof, not Water-Resistant?

If this is a concern of yourss, we recommend a quick application of Kiwi Camp Dry ($8.99) to the cover to turn the water-resistant material into water-proof material.

What is the delivery time for a piano cover?

Most custom covers are shipped within 4-5 business days from the Cincinnati, OH area and arrive at your door within a few business days via UPS ground service.

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