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CMT launched a new website designed to keep their viewers and listeners excited about getting the right education so they can find a great job in these awkward times.  Many people have a hard time finding the right type of job that fits their skill set.  Employers have millions of jobs that go unfilled because the skill set of the work force does not match the needs of the open positions.  CMT hopes to inspire their audience to continue to get the training needed to find those jobs with their new website - .

The site offers career guidance and information about education, from the viewpoint of either completing a high school education or starting a college education.  The group has had many popular stars offer their endorsements as the project gets kicked off.  Stars like Carrie Underwood, Dierks Bentley and Lionel Richie have been asked to help motivate and inspire users of the website.

Carrie Underwood is sharing the great feeling she had at her graduation with her fans to encourage them to get there themselves. "Everyone should have that moment when they're proud of what they've accomplished," she says. Lionel Richie may not even have his band if it were not for college. "College was probably the best adventure ever in my life. Not only was it an opportunity to meet my lifetime, life-long friends forever, but I also met the Commodores on that campus," he says on CMT's Empowering Education website.  

Check out the site and let your friends know what you think.  This seems like a great way to inspire our youth to achieve all that they can by hearing from people who have valued their education and worked hard to obtain their place in life.