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Top Ten Great Reasons You Should Get a Piano Cover!

If you rent, own or manage a facility that has a piano, there are a handful of truly needed piano accessories that will save a lot of time and money over the life of your instrument, including the piano cover. Piano covers are a great investment decision for all people who have a piano for a handful of reasons. I have listed my top ten of them below:

1) A piano cover shows the world that the owner takes pride in maintaining their piano and in keeping it in great shape. I know this sounds funny, but this is the most important one to me. When I see a piano with a cover on it – I know the owner cares about and for the instrument.

2) A piano cover will act as a barrier between pets, guests and small children from doing anything that should not be done to the piano. This is probably the number one reason many homeowners give for purchasing a cover. The cat will enjoy resting on a covered piano even more than he or she will on a hard piano top!

3) A piano cover reduces the cost of the overall maintenance on your beautiful instrument. Over the course of the life of an instrument such as a piano a cover will help the piano to hold a tune longer and save hundreds, if not thousands, in reconditioning costs as the piano ages – that is a great investment.

4) A piano cover can help to prevent and eliminate surface damage, such as chipping or scratching. My cover has kept my piano safe and looking like new for 6 years.

5) A piano cover helps to eliminate dust and other airborne particles from reaching the inside of the instrument. This can add years to the life of a piano and makes the instrument all that much nicer when you pass it your heirs.

6) A piano cover will increase the resale value of your piano by showing the next buyer how well the unit has been cared for. I have often heard of people marking up the price of the piano as it is sold to include the cost of a cover. Many piano dealers buy covers from us to show that the unit is being cared for and to be sure that the new buyer has the proper accessories to care for the new instrument.

7) A piano cover can help to maintain an environmentally controlled atmosphere for the instrument during seasonal weather and humidity changes (which in turn keeps your piano in tune longer). This is especially important where I live, which is in the Midwest, where temperature ranges and humidity ranges vary greatly from day to day.

8) The fabrics of piano covers today are attractive enough to allow you to highlight your piano even when the instrument is covered.

9) Pianos left in rarely used rooms will age more quickly without a cover, causing the owner to have to tune it more frequently and to spend more money on the piano.

10) You will play the piano better – (follow me on this one…) Since your piano will be in tune longer you will sound better when you play. Since you sound better when you play you will want to play more. When you play more you will become an even better piano player – all thanks to your piano cover!

Feel free to call us with any questions you have regarding piano covers (toll-free) at 866-439-4296. We have sold thousands and are experts in the field.