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Ok, so this might be the only blog entry like this in the entire history of the blogging effort here at, but I could not resist it.  I spend a lot of time on the internet and one of the favorite things I like to do is to check out pianos.  I like checking out how the look, the different colors and different styles, and I like to also hear what they sound like as well whenever audio is available.

I am just OK as a piano player.  If I ever needed to sell a piano to someone I would likely have to appeal more to their sense of vision than their sense of hearing because I could not play a grand piano well enough to do it justice.

They say the way to sell a piano is to try to get the person buying it to see themselves playing it in the location that they will likely be playing it.  I came across this video while I was browsing for something else and immediately struck me as something different.  

The piano player, likely the owner of the piano shop, has the pianos setup on the showroom floor.  When you check out the background of the piano you see nothing but beauty in every one of the instruments featured at the store.  They look like they are all of high quality and the type of shopper who comes into that piano shop is a high end buyer of pianos.  You can even see a couple of the pianos that they are working on in the background towards the end of the video.

The video gets even better when the person sits down and starts to play.  Take a listen....

Ahhhhhhh, that is nice.   Enjoy your day!