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Everyone is running ragged these days.  Between work, school, debt and family obligations there is plenty of stress to go around for everyone.  Stories abound about people getting diagnosed with pre-hypertension (high blood pressure) and it is always the exercise, not eating right and not enough relaxation or de-stressing in the day.

Exercise and eating right are subjects for different blog posts so let's suffice to say that you should be doing both.  But what about the need to de-stress at some point in the day?  Many of us say we will do it, many of us think that watching TV or doing nothing at the end of the day is where the de-stressing comes in - we are wrong.  Most TV shows are written and produced to heighten our anxiety so we wont turn the channel before the show is over.  Sitting and doing nothing just seems to make most of us tired and many times gives our minds a chance to to think through all that we have going on the next day at work.  It does not give us the break we need.

Many studies have been done about how playing music de-stresses us.  Take a few minutes each day and learn the riff on the guitar or a new pass on that masterpiece you have been meaning to practice on your piano for some time and you will find that you not only feel great when you are done, you will feel less stressed by not having anything to think about other than the music.  That is the end of a great day for many.