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These days schools are cutting everything they can think of to try to make their budgeting ends meet in the middle.  One area that seems to be the hardest hit is the arts.  Everything from marching band, concert band, jazz band, competition band, chorus and school musicals are being cut back.

I have long been convinced that we need to develop both left and right brain functions in our youth.  Music and the arts is the most logical way to develop the teenagers of today into the well-rounded leaders of tomorrow.  

Our local school district is small enough where football players on Friday night miss the halftime talk from the coaches to be the lead trumpet in the marching band.  It is a place where the track stars need to leave meets early to go play percussion in the jazz band and it is all supported, even endorsed, as a way to promote well rounded students.

Developing both the right brain and left brain functions of our youth is one of the most important tasks our education system can do to help our society over the long.  When it comes to decisions involving which programs to cut and which to save, the choice for the arts should be a no-brainer.